10 Things your Dog hates about you

Sometimes you do some stuff that makes your dog feel uncomfortable, without you even realizing it. Because dogs are easygoing and loyal, they tolerate human behavior, but perhaps you do some things that your dog hates, and you can pick a few things out of your mind your dog hates because it’s obvious. Perhaps your dog doesn’t like baths. Maybe he shies away from certain types of handling. Even the most friendly dogs will hate some of the things you do. However, there are multiple ways you can try to take it easy on your dog. But not all dogs are alike what one dog enjoys another dog hates.

12. Bathing them

12.  Bathing them

The bathtub looks uncomfortable for your dog so taking a bath doesn’t look like a cool thing for them to be doing or enjoying. So you need to make sure all comforting conditions are present like warm water and make sure it’s not too hot or too warm plus a good shampoo would make a good bath.

11. Exposing them to strong smells

11.  Exposing them to strong smells

It’s true that dogs tend to explore the world by smelling and sniffing stuff around. But their smelling senses are 10 000 to 100 000 higher than ours so exposing them to strong smell isn’t quite well. If you’re planning to use strong chemical products you best do that while their away.

10. being boring

10.   being boring

Showing rare interest in playing with your dog because your too busy doing chores around the house is considered as your dog’s worst nightmare. Dogs feel alone when your working all day then you come home and ignore them doesn’t give them the best feeling there is. So you should be careful to spend some time playing and having fun with your dog who has waited for a long day for some joyful time.

09. being tense

09.  being tense

Dogs are professionals at reading our body languages. They easily sense how we feel so if we are worried dogs gets anxious and stressed and if we’re calm they also tend to calm down. We share the same way we feel with our dogs and pets. It’s not a strange thing that sometimes you find identical characters like the dog like it’s owner which is not considered as a strange thing

08. forcing them to interact with dogs and people they do not like

08. forcing them to interact with dogs and people they do not like

Forcing a dog to face and interact with other dogs is simply a thing that dogs dislike. It’s something they hate and you can get bitten if you take way too much. Take yourself as a proper example do you enjoy it when you’re forced to talk to certain people. The same works for dogs they have their own personalities and if they don’t like interacting with certain people or pets you should probably respect that.

07. not letting them explore and smell

07.  not letting them explore and smell

For a dog to explore the world around him and know certain things he sniffs stuff out. You shouldn’t prevent your dog from smelling things. In general, dogs are amazed of the outside world and as us humans they use every opportunity to explore what’s in there and they use it by sniffing around. It would be much nicer if we give them a little freedom to know more about this outside world.

06. keeping them on a tight leash

06.  keeping them on a tight leash

The dogs senses are pretty much way higher then ours so they can feel everything around them. So keeping them on a tight leash doesn’t give them a good feeling they sense that you are stress. But if you’re keeping a loose leash the feel that everything is well. A tight leash is uncomfortable for any dog. However, a loose leash and a little freedom to run around get your dog feeling more happy.

05. lacking rules and structures

05.  lacking rules and structures

Everybody needs rules so they can know and understand their limits and it’s a necessary thing for our dogs. Rules will help comfort and build the trust of our furry friends cause dogs don’t understand what is an exception. So it’s better if the rules are strict and neat. Plus the routine would make things a lot easier and your dog much happier.

04. keeping eye contact

04.  keeping eye contact

Keeping an eye contact with a dog that doesn’t recognize you  is not a thing that you should be doing cause it can trigger some aggressive actions. However, the rules of the humans body language isn’t the same as the dogs world. Cause having a strong eye contact could be seen for a dog as an act of dominance. In general, a strong eye contact with a new dog is not advisable.

03. Patting their head

03.  Patting their head

Much like hugging, reaching out and patting a dog’s head is pretty much a standard thing for us, while many of them dislike the fact of being tapped in the head. Actually most of them are not really fans of the patting. You might as well take yourself as an example, not much of us like being tapped on the head. In general, dogs realize that patting is an act of love and approval. But it would be more acceptable if you could pet the back or rear instead of the head.  

02. using words more than body language

02.  using words more than body language

It’s pretty obvious that dogs can’t understand our language except for a few sentences. So they need to read our gestures to figure out what’s wanted of them. And it’s clear if we mix verbal and physical commend it would be so hard for them to understand what is we need them to do. Mainly, we should stick with small gestures while explaining different commands it’ll be easy and make the dog understand.

01. hugging your dog

01.  hugging your dog

Usually it seems that there is nothing wrong in wrapping our arms around a dog’s neck, but it’s not always true, necessarily if it were coming from strangers, for human beings nothing is wrong with an innocent hug but at the dogs world it’s mostly considered as an act of dominance and control. It’s basic for you to know your own dog and be aware of his limits. Especially paying attention to his body language to feel when your dog is not comfortable.

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