What is the function of AKC papers?

Some people look for certain traits when getting a pup, others a certain look and some people are concerned with the AKC registration. The AKC registers dogs of pure breeds when puppies are born, and their owner sends a form for recording. However, this whole process isn’t that big deal like people make it seem. Here’s what you don’t know:

The truth about those papers is that AKC would register any puppy whose parents are already registered. And those parents were allowed registry because their parents were enrolled and the chain of numbers goes on and on – you get the idea.

The process of AKC is a mechanical procedure, a series of number. It’s pretty simple really; one sends money to the AKC. If the owners of your pup’s parents were devoted money senders, the AKC would have no problem adding your dog to the chain, and you receive a paper with your fluffy friend’s number on it. Just like that, your dog would be registered.


A Pedigree chart does not necessarily mean good quality

The answer to that sadly means no. It’s an excellent business, but that’s all there is to the matter. The more money you are willing to hand over, the more names the AKC is prepared to write out for you, say the puppy’s parents, grandparents, as many generations as you can afford.

The fact remains that the pedigree doesn’t give you any information about the dog, aside from its place in the family tree, the chain of names. The fact that a dog has registration papers or a pedigree does not ensure its health, temperament, structure or behavior. It has nothing to do with any of these issues at all. As long as they’re paid, the AKC will issue papers for a dog that could be sick, vicious or born with weird bone structure. Probably even if it had wings. And it would be the same kind of registration a Best Of Breed winner has.


No health checks are required for an AKC registry

Yes, you read that right. No safety or health check-ups are demanded or even made when acquiring an AKC registry. The thing is that AKC registered puppies with a pedigree are simply not a big selling point, but just a useless point breeders tend to underline in their ads.


Papers do NOT guarantee that a pup is purebred

First things first, being purebred means that a puppy has inherited enough gene combination that has fixed its gene pools- or at least the limited amount thereof. These genes include the coat type, the size, the color, the ear shape and anything that could match its breed. Anyway, having those genes is what makes a dog purebred. However, they are not what gets it registered.


While a dog can be purebred with no registration papers, it can also have registration papers without actually being purebred. Shocking, right?

The thing is that registration papers are not impossible to falsify. Some registries, one of which is AKC, operate on the “Honor System.” All they need to do is take the breeder’s word for it that both parents of the pup were purebred. That’s all it takes.


So, how does the scam happen?

Here’s a very likely scenario that will make things easier to picture. Say a person has two purebred dogs with registration papers, but the female was accidentally bred by a stray dog of no known ancestry. However, the person does not want to gain less money for the litters born, so they fill out the litter registration papers claiming the male dog was the real father. And the papers get delivered, and the person sells the puppies for the money of a purebred dog. It is only when the dog starts to grow and look less like a thoroughbred when people would start to wonder.

However, there is one thing you can do to make sure your breeder isn’t lying. The AKC offers a program where DNA tests are taken to prove the parentage. Make sure your breeder takes part of said program if you want to know who your puppy’s parents are.


What is the exact importance of papers and pedigrees anyway?

They do matter, and here’s the reason why. A lot of purebred dogs are being sold with no registration papers or pedigrees. What the sellers have to say, is that one has no need for these documents if they just want a pet, unless they want to go to contests with their dog or plan to breed them. The problem is that this statement simply is not true.


Registration papers and pedigrees can tell you if a dog has been inbred too much, and they are the only way you can find out. If a puppy’s parent has gone through excessive inbreeding, it can encounter major health and temperament issues as it grows. Excessive breeding is practically the reason many purebred dogs suffer from health complications and the tendency to become mentally unstable.

 Therefore, the papers are important, not to make sure a dog is a qualified purebred, but to ensure that it won’t encounter future health risks and temperament troubles. .And of course, it is a way to put an end to excessive breeding, and to animal cruelty.

Another point added to that would be that Homozygosity is caused by too much inbreeding, which means the increased chance of the offspring being affected by recessive and deleterious traits. In other words, an entire population of beings can suffer from a deteriorating state of biological fitness and therefore have a decreasing ability to produce, as well as survive

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