Why Is My Dog Chewing On His Paws?

If your question is, why is my dog chewing on his paws? Then, pal you are not the only one asking this question, it can be considered as a common or popular thing to be asked. You frequently see your dog just laying on the floor or in its sleeping place, chewing on his paws, but you keep asking yourself why is he doing so? Besides, should I be worried?

There are so many reasons why is your dog keeps chewing and licking his paws. Let us take a look at some of those reasons here and if you need to consult with a vet about this behavior.

Allergies can make your Dog licking his paws

 Allergies can make your Dog licking his paws

Have you ever wondered whether your dog has an allergy ? cause like humans, our faithful friends can have allergies as well. The experts say that the main reason of paw chewing would be allergies. Moreover, the allergies are a consequence of strange factors in their environment, such as plants, unusual ingredients in their food, Chemicals from soap, the cleaning products we use in the cleaning or anything with harsh chemicals, and it can be the seasonal changes as well.

Hormones imbalance could make your dog chews his paws

 Hormones imbalance could make your dog chews his paws

When your dog does not produce enough thyroid hormones in cases either too little hypothyroidism or too much hyperthyroidism it causes shedding and hair thinning. By their nature, dogs will keep on licking the infected spots, which can result in lick granulomas. Also, lick granulomas can become large and look like an open wound, and the dog’s saliva has antibacterial properties that can help in the healing process, but there is a difference between keeping a wound clean and making it worse. A consultation with the vet is quite necessary because when the hormone imbalance is treated the licking will immediately stop.


Parasites such as fleas, ticks, and meats can cause a big problem when it comes to chewing the feet. The dog solution to ease the itch is to chew his feet. For mites and ticks, they are hard to see as they are microscopic beings, but for the fleas, you cannot notice them until there are too many of them. Moreover, just because you cannot see the parasites does not mean that they do not exist, so if you cannot confirm another reason you need to take your dog to the vet so that he can confirm the cause of the feet chewing.

Grooming and Coat Care for Your Dog

An obvious reason why your dog keeps on licking and chewing his feet is that he is grooming himself, after a joyful walk at the playground or outside, your dog will just sit and start grooming himself. However, the grooming behavior is easy to notice, as it will not cause health problems to your dog, you will just have to see if your dog is not focusing on one paw, if he licks both his feet then the behavior is quite normal and you got nothing to worry about its typical behavior.

let’s talk now about dog’s pain

Sometimes the first thing to do when you notice that your dog is licking his paws is to check them out to see if they’re wounded, injured, or hurt. Since they are always in direct contact with the floor and ground. Your dog may easily get hurt by a glass shard, a sticker, a small rock, or something that cut his feet while playing around outside. If your faithful friend is hurt or injured, he will keep on chewing his feet until he feels relieved or removes the foreign objects that are causing him such pain.

is there a relationship between ANXIOUS OR FEAR and dogs chewing his paws?

If you have a dog, you know very well that they like to lick us humans, and if we look back at when they were puppies and how their mothers spend quite a lot of time licking. However, due to some research licking can reduce stress hormones in a dog’s body, so it might seem normal that your dog would start licking his feet to reduce the stress when feeling anxious, it could be age-related or it could be fear-related, there too many reasons your dog might get anxious.


Anxiety or depression can be an obvious cause that will drive your dog to chew its paws. Dogs may lick their feet just to make themselves feel a little better, anxiety and depression are the consequences of the boredom our friends may feel. Moreover, boredom is the result of the owner’s ignorance or lack of activities; most dogs require attention, exercises, and brain stimulation. When a dog licks its paws obsessively due to anxiety or depression, it can sometimes result in lick granulomas. These present as sores on the skin, the more your dog licks it the bigger it becomes.

Maybe Dry skin is the main reason!

You may notice that your dog’s skin is red or bumpy, which may trigger your dog to lick, scratch or chew itself to calm down the irritation. However, the main factors that cause the skin to dry are the weather, a place with a dry climate and lack of humidity, or maybe your dog is not getting enough fatty acids that generally keep the skin moisturized and protected. It may be by over-bathing them, which strip their skin and hair from all the natural oils keeping them susceptible to all the germs and dirt around them.


We have listed here some of the common reasons, why your dog is chewing on his feet, cause it is important to know the reasons before trying to modify this behavior. Besides, as you discovered along the way, dogs chewing on his feet was not quite simple as we first thought, there are so many reasons why your dog is chewing his feet. Whilst, it is quite normal licking is used in grooming it can also be the signal of a difficult issue. If you have, any worries you need to seek the advice of a veterinary. If you have any other information you want to share with us feel free to use the comment section below.

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